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Artist, Visionary, Creator and More

My name is Marcus Moore aka BluBoiArt. I've been creating illustrations ever since I witnessed the cartoon show "Pryde of the X-Men", YES, the brown suit Wolverine, LOL...classic. Since then, I've studied and graduated from UCM (University of Central Missouri) with a bachelors in Commercial Art in Illustration. I've never stopped and have only grown in skill since. I've always had a passion for drawing the stories of Heroes and villains. 

There are endless ways a story can be created and I am indeed the artist you need to bring you ideas to Life.
Whether you want a fresh, bold concept art design or
An illustration of a Hero or Evil you truly admire.

I want to be the reason you have succeeded with a character or panel design you've been LOOKING for.

The Hero, the Villain, the Monster, Your Vision. A composition or design that pulls the viewer into a scene, or brings the viewer a golden sense of nostalgia and familiarity.

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