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I can bring your visions and ideas to life.
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The Commission Process

The Details
Before we begin I require full details of what you need. I'll need to know the image you are looking for, the colors you want, and the font you choose (if you need it).
Once we establish your commissions you and I will discuss pricing for your custom art piece.
The stages of my art process are as follows: 
- rough pencil drawing -clean pencil drawing 
-ink/line drawing 
Publish website
Once the final image is completed you will be updated with the final image to be sure you are satisfied with the image. 
Final Payment will then be required followed by my sending of your image via email (unless you require another format).


- I will require half (or full) payment before I begin the art process.

- During the entire process I will keep you updated with art process.

-I will send you your image as PNG, JPEG or photoshop document(whichever you prefer).

-Prices depend on the complexity of the project. No one illustration is the same.

The Hero, the Villain, the Monster, Your Vision. A composition or design that pulls the viewer into a scene, or brings the viewer a golden sense of nostalgia and familiarity. 

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